WOC 2023: Image clip to show big emotions for our candidature

Preparations for the next Orienteering World Championships in Switzerland are gearing up to top speed: the WOC 2023 application form for the International Orienteering Federation IOF is almost finished. An image clip kindles first emotions.

The goal is clear: even before the end of this year, the application for the Orienteering World Championships 2023 in Flims Laax Falera will be submitted to the IOF. During the past weeks and months, the Association Swiss Cup and the Swiss O Week parent club together with the Swiss Orienteering Federation and the tourism destination Flims Laax Falera have worked intensively planning and shaping the candidature of a WOC in Switzerland. In numerous meetings and hours this application emerged which is intended to convince the International Orienteering Federation to award the World Orienteering Championships to Switzerland again. In spring 2019 the IOF council will allocate the organiser.

Twice in the last 15 years, Swiss Orienteering was chosen to be host nation of the World Orienteering Championships, the most important international orienteering event: 2003 in Rapperswil-Jona and 2012 in Lausanne. For 2023, Switzerland is running as a candidate with the well-known tourist destination Flims Laax Falera. The holiday resort in the mountains of Graubünden is best-known by orienteers. In 2011, the international 6-day competition Swiss O Week was held around Flims being a highlight for the competitors. This sports event with 4000 expected participants will be held simultaneously with WOC 2023. “It’s a privilege to submit a WOC candidature to the IOF in combination with the Swiss O Week in one of the best terrains of Switzerland”, revealed Jürg Hellmüller, chairman of Swiss Orienteering already this summer when announcing the candidacy.

A 2-minute video showing the terrain and the region around Flims Laax Falera with its challenging yet at the same time wonderful orienteering areas demonstrates our firm conviction that competitions can be outstanding and appropriate for a world orienteering championship. Assure yourself and enjoy the video.

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